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CanSemi Introduction

CanSemi Technology Inc. is a local independent & innovative enterprise in Guangdong Province, which is also the only 300mm fab that has entered mass production in Guangdong Province. We have launched into customized foundry business mode, adhered to the market demand-oriented & product-centricity, defined differentiated technology platforms, and focused on application fields such as the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, industrial control, and 5G. We are committed to meeting the demand for domestic chip manufacturing and helping Guangdong build the third pillar of Chinese integrated circuits.

37 billion CNY has been invested in the first three phases of CanSemi Project, and the fabrication site covers 140,000 square meters. With its technology process focused on 90nm to 0.18um, CanSemi's capacity will ramp up to 80,000 wafers/month. CanSemi aims to provide for IoT and Automotive market in the Greater Bay Area by maintaining specific product lines in MOS, PMIC, MS, CIS, and MCU.

CanSemi, WE CAN.


Specialized Products: MOS, PMIC, MS, CIS, RFSOI and MCU

Differentiated Platform: Analog on 300mm wafer

Customized Process: Based on customer and application needs

180-90nm platform technology, customized foundry is the core operating strategy, specifically serve for IoT, Automotive, AI and 5G emerging markets.

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Tel: 020-61878866-1000

WeChat Official Account: CanSemi

Email: info@cansemitech.com

Office location: No.28 Fenghuang 5th Road, China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China

CanSemi into the Future

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CanSemi Leadership

Opportune Time

The central government and Guangdong provincial government attach great importance to it

Geographic Advantage

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has obvious geographical advantages

Unity Of All Ranks

Industry-university-research cooperation to attract talents


Take customized foundry as the core operating strategy; insist on product-centricity and define differentiated technology platforms

Market Overview

The status quo of the domestic semiconductor industry

According to IC Insights statistics, China's IC market in 2020 will be 143.4 billion U.S. dollars. The scale of the IC market produced in China is approximately US$22.7 billion, accounting for only 15.9%. Among them, the total output value of companies headquartered in China is only US$8.3 billion, accounting for only 5.9%.

Analog chips are in short supply

According to IDC statistics, China's analogic chip market is approximately 36% of the global market, with a market size of approximately US$19.4 billion. According to the statistics of the China Semiconductor Association, the total revenue of China's analogic integrated circuit companies in 2020 is about 16.3 billion yuan, and the self-sufficiency rate is only about 12%. There is still spacious room for development in China.


ADAS—42+ analog ICs; 12+ radar/sensing IC

BMS—16 BMS; 96+ IGBT &Power discretes

Safety, Control, GPS, Infotainment

Emission Control: Control modules ask for 26+ analog ICs and power discretes

CanSemi Project Positioning

CanSemi focuses on analogic technology, starting from consumer chip manufacturing, and gradually upgrading into the field of industrial electronics, thereby forming a differentiated competitive advantage in the field of automotive electronics. We seek differentiated development, aiming to achieve a breakthrough in the specific segmented market of high-end analogic chips.