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CanSemi Facts

Guangzhou CanSemi Technology Inc. is the first 300mm fab in Guangzhou. We launched into customized foundry business mode with an experienced team from all over the world. We excel at making with specialized product, differentiated platform and customized process.

We dedicate ourselves to building a complete ecosystem by providing a platform for IC design houses, OSATs, application markets and funding groups.

13.5 billion CNY has been invested for CanSemi Project in the first phase, and the fabrication site covers 140,000 square meters. With its technology process focused on 0.13um to 0.18um, CanSemi's capacity will ramp up to 40,000 wafers/month. CanSemi aims to provide for IoT and Automotive market by maintaining specific product lines in MCU, PMIC, analog IC and power discretes.

CanSemi, WE CAN.


Specialized Products: MCU, Analog IC, Discretes

Differentiated Platform: Analog on 300mm wafer

Customized Process: based on customer and application needs

130nm-180nm Technology Node dedication, specifically serve for IoT, Automotive, AI and 5G emerging markets.

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Tel: 020-61878866-1000

WeChat Official Account: CanSemi

Email: info@cansemitech.com

Office location: No.28 Fenghuang 5th Road, China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China

CanSemi into the Future

CanSemi Leadership

Best Timing

Explosive growth of China Semiconductor industry and innovative applications


From virtual IDM to real IDM


Pearl River Delta— world-class manufacture base of automotive, electronics and internet industry


Experts and experienced management team from all around the world – US, Singapore, Taiwan and China

Market Overview

Analog IC in Short Supply

Semiconductor contents in automotive has grown from 1% to 35% cost-wise. The cost for electronics technologies is expected to occupy half of the total cost of a single automotive

ADAS    Monitor/Control    Chassis    GPS/Infotainment

The demand for analog IC is also driven by IoT market


ADAS—42+ analog ICs; 12+ radar/sensing IC

BMS—16 BMS; 96+ IGBT &Power discretes

Safety, Control, GPS, Infotainment

Emission Control: Control modules ask for 26+ analog ICs and power discretes

Revolutionary IoT market

IoT Forecasting in 2020

4 Billion Users

4 Trillion Market Value

25 Million+ of Apps

25 Billion+ IoT Devices

50 Trillion GB of IoT Data

The limited capacity for Analog demands

Domestic capacity hardly met 50% of the needs of China semiconductor market

Led by smart phone &tablet demands, China 300mm fabs highly focused on advanced node process development